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Stronger Together UkrAide

Stronger Together UkrAide

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Dear Friends, BGS is actively bringing help to those who need it to overcome the current disastrous situation. Our actions so far have:

1 - helped a family of three kids and a mom to be picked up at the Ukrainian border through a coordinated effort of 5 people from around Europe. Now they are safe at one of our member’s house.

2 - How you can help:

- we are collecting money and you can support via this link:

- we will provide clothes - laptop - education for kids etc.

10 000 euros would be a good start

3 - Additional actions

- if you are willing to help we also need someone to give a hand at:

- applications for school - application for US visa- mentoring

4 - Friends also asking for:

- sleeping bags - medicines etc.

5. Please don't hesitate to fill in the google form as well so that it will be easier to dispatch help asap to anyone trying to leave Ukraine /get settled somewhere else.


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Thank you!

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