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Stop Club Racism!

Stop Club Racism!

Stop Club Racism!

Official campaign video: Stop Club Racism!

This project aims to counter the way how UEFA and the elite clubs keep discriminating the clubs of smaller countries. The gap between top clubs of top leagues and rest of Europe is constantly growing year by year.

Short video summary of the problem we are solving: Stop Club Racism - Infographic

Football fans have now the chance to make an impact on today’s football - join and donate our campaign to create a critical mass which can change the European club competitions.

How satisfied are you with modern football? Is it fair? Does it provide equal opportunities to all?

We believe football has become the game of certain elite groups, which do everything to squeeze out all others from what they think is their territory. No matter where you live, which club you love, you’re affected. Fans’ opinion is being censored in Germany, UEFA wanted to ban the English club which is breaking into the top flight, Eastern Europeans and other nations are cut out from Champions League, Russian football is prohibited from the World Cup - and it’s not over yet.

It’s just one of many symptoms that Eastern European, Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Belgian, Czech, Austrian, Portuguese, Israeli, Polish, Scandinavian and for many traditional clubs from other countries lose their chance to enter Champions League which is getting restricted only for the top clubs of the top leagues. Rest assured, more to follow.

However, there is a solution. This large-scale project has just been launched to create a fairer and more equal competition system for European football, which ensures a win-win situation for all stakeholders. It’s being managed by our non-profit organisation, as a project by fans for fans, involving acknowledged experts in the field. Our mission is to stop club racism and make football equal again.

To make it happen, fans need to unite and step up, to create a critical mass that cannot be muted and overlooked. Our solution can be published and executed only if this united support from the fans provides the necessary attention to the project. Without such a support, the initiative could be ignored by the European football elite and the last chance to make football equal would be lost.

A little donation from you could make a big change in modern football, turning it into the game everyone can love again.

You can support our goals.

Book a ticket for your beloved club to create a fair European club competition system!

Ultras ticket: 5 EUR

Family ticket: 10 EUR

Long side ticket: 20 EUR

VIP ticket: 100 EUR

Football needs you now more than ever. To support the project, make a donation now!


Thank you!

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