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Recently blackmailed and lost my school expenses

Recently blackmailed and lost my school expenses

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

With just 1-click you can help a student cover school fees and expenses.

im currently doing this because I have been blackmailed recently and lost a sum of 3000 dollars that where for my school expenses,the bank is doing nothing to recover my stolen money and can't do anything about the situation.The money was for my private school for the rest of the semester.I'm doing everything I can to find the money before September so I can start my classes or otherwise I will have to withdraw from the school.

The police is trying to find the man who blackmailed me, but did not promise they will find him.My parents are doing everything they can,in advance we decided to start this campaign.

anything would be a enormous help and would mean the world.

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Thank you!

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