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Organised for: STANLEY KINGARA

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I am trying to prevent injustice happening in a clinical negligence case where I am denied access to my relevant x-ray medical records to support my case and get expert medical report. I made application to the court for the hospital to be ordered to furnish my x-ray medical records in accordance with Data protection Act 2018, Ionization Radiation Regulation 2000 and Article 6 of European Convention of Human Rights 1998 for a fair trial, but the court refused to grant my application for these medical records to be provided and struck out my case. I think the judges discriminated against me because of my disability or race. I was also refused permission to appeal the unfair decision of striking out my case as well as refused permission for judicial review. The injury caused mobility disability and made me to loose my job. The hospital lied to the court that the x-ray machine did not record any x-ray parameter in question but the truth of the matter is that the radiographer showed me all my 3 x-ray images on computer monitor immediately after the projections were over. So, the x-ray system was digital/computerized and hence all parameters used were recorded digitally. Furthermore, NHS hospital are required by its own policy to keep all medical records for at least 8 years and therefore there was no reason whatsoever to refuse me my x-rays medical reports unless they were deliberately destroyed to conceal evidences.

The court was unfair to me to refuse the hospital to furnish the x-ray machine details in accordance with Ionization Radiation Regulation 2000. In nut shell, I was overdosed with radiation via x-ray at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich SE18 that caused my right foot joints/bones to degenerate. The condition has now degenerated into osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and I am in a very severe joints/bones pain and numbness pain. I am Black African and I have called many legal firms to help me in the clinical negligence case but all of them have refused to help me in a NO Win No Fee conditional agreement.

I had contacted Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to investigate the radiographer in question for overdosing my right foot with ionizing radiation which is an offence but HCPC refused to carry out proper investigation. In fact, HCPC did not request for my 3 x-rays images and other relevant x-ray parameters (kilovoltage peak, milliamperage, exposure time and radiation dose) from Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Woolwich for analysis. It also did not ask the radiographer in question pertinent questions like what kind of the x-ray machine system was operational at the time of x-ray examination (whether computerized/digital or conventional) or why the actual parameters were not recorded as required by Ionization Radiation Regulation 2000 . So, HCPC too refused to help me to get the truth and closed my case.

The word of God in Deuteronomy 16:19 warn people against corruption because it blinds the judges and makes them not to see the truths and the facts thereby denying justice to those who are in the right and rewarding those who are in the wrong. I had been denied justice because of Corruption that manifested itself in form of racial and disability discrimination, bribery, unfairness and partiality. In nutshell, racial hatred closed the eyes and ears of the judges making them imprudent and therefore they could not look my case clearly, honestly and objectively resulting into wrongful and oppressive decisions.

I would also add that majority of white people are good but there is a small number of them who make wrongful and biased decisions based on the racial hatred rather than the truths and the facts before them. So, I too appeal to the white community who abhor racial discrimination to support me in this fight against injustices in the civil legal system and also help me to get proper medical treatment.

I am also worried that some powerful agencies or people are trying to assassinate me through enhancing gliclazide level in my medication that lowered my sugar level to a dangerous level of 1.6 mmol at night and the reason why I am alive today is because of God who woke me up and made me realize that I was sweating, shaking, having headache and blurred vision which made me to carry out an urgent glucose test otherwise if I had not woken up and carried out the glucose test and ate some sugary food, I would have slipped into coma and eventually die in my sleep . In other words, I have been given medications that are lowering my blood sugar to a dangerously abnormal low level but the Boots that dispensed these medications has failed to carry out investigation and police too told me that, they can only intervene after the Boots had finished its investigation. So, the police did not collect these laced tablets for analysis and the boots too has refused to collect these medications for analysis. It is my fear that unsuspecting long-term sick people are being killed/assassinated through lacing their medications with a killer agent as nobody will suspect any foul play in case someone who has long-term illness dies.

Please help me to raise money for not only to fight injustice but also to prevent another member of public from being maimed through x-ray radiation overdose as well as seeking proper medical treatment.

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Stanley Kingara
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