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Phase 2 of my project started: Help to fund 6 more month rent/electricity, school & play equipment, 12 mattress cover and an emergency box (22.10-04.11).

Organisé pour : Women and Children Service Center Nepal

I left Kathmandu almost one year ago. With the funds we raised we were able to pay rent for 1 1/2 years and created a new home for 12 children.... Can´t wait to go back.heart

Thanks all who contributed so far.


Help make a difference!

I met Laxmi Kumari Subedi and the kids a few days after the second earthquake. We did spend 7 days together in a relief camp. Before I left Nepal again, we arranged for her to keep the tend that became their new house, for some more time, until she finds a new home. We went to check the house they lived in before and it was obvious that this is no longer a safe place for the children and herself.

Until now they have not found a place because they can`t afford to pay the rent (between 120-150 USD per month). But the place they are currently staying, isn´t safe (snakes etc.), to small and just covering the very basics.

The children have no beds, there is no closet to put their cloth and the laundry gets washed by hand.....

End of November I am flying over for 10 days. My goal is to find a place and to pay rent for 2 years, find a carpenter who can build bunk beds and maybe - if enough money is raised - I can get a washing machine as well.

It would be great, if you could support me! No matter how much you give, it will make a big difference.

Sincere thanks!






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Le 30 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

6750€ you people are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Le 28 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Another eventful day! Thanks for continuing with your support!!

Le 27 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

2 more days left!!!! We found a new place. It gets painted today.

Le 26 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Oh happy day: our Prototype is done. We need to work on the measurements but the rest is already very good. We ordered 6 bunk beds :)

Le 22 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

11 Little Suns.... One for each child :)

Le 22 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

So nice to see them all smile...

Le 21 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

I landed 3 hours ago. Will go and see them tomorrow after breakfast :) €5400 by now.  I saw saw people sitting on gas containers and have been told that they line up for a refill and wait the entire night to get the chance to buy in the morning. There is a conflict with India... Same applies to fuel... And cost of living increased. More tomorrow. 



Le 19 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

You are all amazing!!!!!! 4700€ by now!!!! It's not all in the tracker as some friends had challenges with the wiring. I am so super thankful. I am off tomorrow evening, but the fundraising is on till the day I leave again. Saturday you can expect more pictures from us.

I am very lucky women to have friends and supporters like you. I am flattered by your trust and very touched that you feel the same I do. 

Le 15 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Hallo!!! We are at 2066 plus 250 from a friend who had difficulties using her credit card!!

NOT BAD... Still a few days left to go. Yesterday I bought 11 warm jackets yesterday, a digital camera (Wifi), a Samsung tablet (100€), a blue tooth speaker (so they can have a party) and 3 solar charger for mobile phones (there are a lot of brown outs). Will teach Laxmi how to use the tablet :) and buy the rest in Nepal to ensure the money stays in the country.

Thanks guys for making this happen!

Le 13 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Hi all,

we are at 1285€ now!!!! 


Le 7 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Hi guys,

so far we raised 1000€.  Thanks so much. I am sure more to come.

It seems that the tool isn´t the easiest to use. 7 new contributors seem to have problem, but I am sure they will manage as well.


Le 7 novembre 2015 Birgit Baier a écrit :

Hi guys,


so far we raised 1000€.  Thanks so much. I am sure more to come.

It seems that the tool isn´t the easiest to use. 7 new contributors seem to have problem, but I am sure they will manage as well.

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Le 28 novembre 2015
Martin Buchmann
Hi Birgit, keep going making this kids happy!
Le 27 novembre 2015
Gillian Kerr
Birgit, I'm so very, very impressed with what you are doing. Would have loved to have flown out and helped too. Here's something to help. With love to you and all your Nepalese 'family'!
Le 19 novembre 2015
Tamara Altendorf
Birgit, such a great initiative! Have a great time in Nepal. See you soon, Tamara
Le 18 novembre 2015
Michael Heuer
Hallo Birgit, eine tolle Initiative ... ich freue mich, wenn ich mithelfen kann. Alles Gute, Michael Heuer
Le 15 novembre 2015
Collin Cole
Keep up the great work. Touching and inspirational. All my best.
Le 15 novembre 2015
Ralf Schäfer
Hallo, ich bin durch Thomas Zorbach auf dieses Aktion gestossen und möchte auch ein wenig dazu beiragen! Meinen Respekt und liebe Grüße
Le 14 novembre 2015
yvonne moeller
Wishing the best for teh children in Nepal - do not lose hope nor confidence. You are the future of your country!
Le 8 novembre 2015
Yael Swerdlow
Love that you are doing this!
Le 5 novembre 2015
Uli Büsgen
Please support the exwify - she's right this time :-)
Le 3 novembre 2015
Sascha A. Carlin
Hey Birgit, ich hoffe, ihr bekommt ausreichend Mittel zusammen!