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Sorin Bochis - for a full recovery

Sorin Bochis - for a full recovery

Who is Sorin Bochis?


He is our friend and colleague, a loving son and a father. He is always positive, fun loving, highly charismatic and will no doubt be able to make you smile. He is also one of the most diverse and talented pilots to ever set foot in an airplane! Now however, he needs our help! 



Sorin was born in July 28th 1965. His aviation career started in 1980 in the military and later on his airline career started in 2004 with Carpatair on the Saab 340 and Saab 2000. He then proceeded to fly a wide variety of business aircraft from 2011 utill present. Sorin has flown more then 12000h, travelled across multiple continents and yet his true love remained a small agricultural strip just outside of Timisoara, a place named Cioca! He flew anything that even resembled a flying machine there, there where he taught hundreds of people to fly and follow their dreams. He is their mentor and hero!! Most importantly he was able to single-handedly really develop Romania's virtually non existent ultra light sector. In May 2016, he finally realized his life long passion of flying acrobatics when he climbed aboard his beloved sky-bolt.



Tragedy struck on the morning of August 4th, 2018 just outside Suceava. Sorin and long time friend and Romanian acrobatic legend, Cornel Marinescu aka Q, collided midair during a difficult formation maneuver the two were practicing for an airshow later that day. Sadly, Q lost his life. Sorin suffered traumatic open head injury and a displaced fracture of tibia and fibula plus other injuries.



He was airlifted from the scene out to a hospital in Iasi, Romania where he fought for his life. In order for him to be stabilised he was intubated and induced into a coma. He stayed in Iasi until the 15th of August were he received specialist treatment and different types of investigation in order to establish the extent of the head injury and of the subdural hematomas. For better care and proximity to his family he was transferred using three Smurd helicopters to Intensive Care at Spitalul Judetean Timisoara. He arrived in Timisoara with a coma of grade 4 and Glascow Coma Scale (GCS) of 3 out of 15, same head injuries and a hospital acquired pneumonia.


Until 4th of September, Sorin makes some progress improving his GCS from 3 to 8 out of 15. On the 3rd the doctors take the decision to operate on his leg. The operation was cancelled the next day as Sorin contracted another bacteria.


On the 5th of September the family take the decision to try to transfer Sorin to Vienna for a better specialist care.


On the 14th of September Sorin was transferred to UKH Meidlink, a clinic based on head trauma and post-trauma recovery. Since he arrived there, Sorin made incredible progress. He is out of the coma, recognises people, moves hands and started communicating through signs. Just recently he also said the first words and managed to shake hands with the doctors therefore he is heading towards the right track to recovery, however, he still has a difficulty journey ahead.


In response to your generous and repeated requests for ways to help, we have decided to launch this campaign for financial support as costs of treatment and recovery are quite high and they could last for a long period of time as he continues on his fight towards healing. 



Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts going towards our dear friend Sorin. Please share this campaign on social media in the days and weeks ahead. 


Thank you in advance!


For any questions please contact either:


Andrei Bita or Alin D Stancu


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