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The Greek non profit Lifeguard Hellas Rescue Team is in the island of Lesvos since November 2015. With rescue team in the sea, with landing team at the coast and with the project "Learn to swim - Love the aegean sea" that started end of May and till October 2016 we provide continuously the swimming lessons to Kara Tepe Camp kids.

We are a dedicate ,well trained and experienced lifeguard team. We are the only Greek lifeguarding team and our base from October 2016 and for the next months is Skala Sikamias and nightwatching shifts among with lifeguard patrol from the sea and the coasts.

All the previous months we had the only 24/7 lifeguard station at the lighthouse of Molyvos also from January -October 2016 we were based to Mitilini city with night patrol shifts. 

We pay all our costs, we exist because we receive the financial help of friends and individuals. We need your help so we can have our rescue boat and jet ski to operate again.But we can not afford the costs of the fuels.Thats why we ask you to help jus,support our aims ang be next to us so we can continue to save people in the water.

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9 September 2016, Bikof Mania-Maria wrote:

People are not numbers, they are human beings and they need a safe way to cross the aegean .They deserve #safepassage .No more drownings, no more victims!

Adrian Allen contributed €30