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As many friends want to help people in nepal, we thought it better to do what we can do with our own hands. For this purpose here is a donation page, so we can distribute on local level.Funky Buddha Hands will be it's name. As we are doing one step at a time please be patient with us. We will give reports on the help, so you know exactly what we do with your help.Thanks from the team to all friends and family:)

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Le 3 juillet 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :


Thanks to your donations, you shared the gift of books...What Nepal needs is education....welcome to the teachers... 

Read article about Shishi bakery here:

Le 8 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

In Pokhara, donations boxes and trucks pack up...

Le 8 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Le 6 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Article and photos of Swoyambhu: the Self made land.

Le 4 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Photos of what is left of the heart of Kathmandu: Durbar Square.

Le 4 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Thanks to your donation, we could participate in Phat Khat truck of food and supplies going to Gorkha, the epicenter,  area. No pictures yet to show, as Mook, one of the brothers, went to Kathmandu for family and will be back with another truck in a couple days. We know this guys for years, and they always do good stuff for community even when not in a crisis period.

The folks in Kathmandu are tired, it still shakes every day and they walk around a broken capital. Updates come slowly as connections aren't all that great. Everybody doing as they can, trucks organise everywhere by small groups.Thanks for understanding.For more news read latest update here:

Le 3 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :


First Funky Buddha Hands donation in Kathmandu, or for 10 kids in Bodnath area...too many are a bit left to themselves, with a few adults to help.

Small pics, will put large ones when available!!Thanks all for support:)

Le 2 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Thank you for donation. Baba Bikas and team started to distribute food in Kathmandu. Will keep posted with news when more news. The connections are still a bit slow. People organize in groups to do what they can everywhere.Here in Pokhara all is normal except for one thing: there are no paragliders flying in the sky. And the restaurants are quite empty, when it should be full tourist season. But trucks load up in front of the paragliding schools. Trucks of supplies, which all go to the mountains near by, Gorkha, the epicenter, being only 3 hrs from here. The volunteers are very present, and the fundraising concerts are setting up.Each do what they can, you won't hear about them much, they're just doing what they have to do. A few kilos there, a few kilos here, foods, blankets and tents.

Thanks for your support, sharing news as we can:)

Le 2 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

For non english donors, there is a translation button on page. Once found, the process is simple, even if you have to try a few times, please be patient. Thanks for your understanding as we are doing things as best we can on our side. Thank you already for donors, we are distributing the money and will give reports as soon as time allows.

All love and gratitude:)

Le 2 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

News from Kathmandu from Sonia JM: 

Many people are mobilising themselves and others to help bringing relief to those in needs. Informal volunteer groups have mushroomed everywhere for some small sometimes medium scale action.I went to a couple of such groups. It's all a bit disorganised but many just want to do something however small it might be. I finally ended up responding to a call from a friend who was looking for ...a couple of volunteers to give a little help and support to a small medical team from a local community. We went to the ground of the army camp in Swoyambhu where in the first few days after the big quake there were around 6,000 people sleeping there. In the past few days there has been an "urban exodus" of 400,000 people according to the newspapers... everyone wants to get back to their village, to their families. Now the camp is much less crowded but basic medical help was needed for the couple of hundred people still there. Besides contusions, major complaints were headaches, respiratory problems, fever and anxiety.I helped taking down names and BPs with other young volunteers and soldiers. When we left, a little boy with fever and sad eyes told me "thanks for helping us". I nearly cried. After that we went to Swoyambunath. It is closed to the public now so in a way I was lucky to be with the med team and I saw the terrible devastation of this beautiful religious site... a place I went to so many times.... It was one of the saddest afternoons of my life. A man who lives there talked to me for a long time. He had so much to tell, so much pain in his heart. I went back home with a heavy heart myself... but on the way I also saw some beautiful scenes: 2 children playing with an old kid bicycle, one little girl cuddling a street dog... This helped me push away the anger I feel when I hear that the government now feels that Search and Rescue should stop... better to focus on medical help. But yesterday a little girl was found alive from under the rubble, and there is still hope that many people are still alive buried under their house... and there is so much more to tell, but right now I can't... too tired, too strained...

Le 1 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Our facebook page, do like and share!

Le 1 mai 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

To donators:

It appears that some people not in euro currency are having a difficult time donating on the page.The site does mention that they take all currency, including dollars. Put in your amount in euros, and bank automatically exchanges....Please do try again, in case it does not work, let us know and we will give a personal account number to wire to.

One step at a time:) Thanks for your understanding.

Le 30 avril 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Baba Bikas and friends going around Kathmandu

Le 30 avril 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Many of you are asking how they can help nepal. And it's an excellent question that nepale people have to ask themselves. What do they need exactly?The country is getting millions in help already, but this has been going on for years, and the country is still in the state it is. One of the major reason is the utter corruption of the government. The money simply trikles down to people, a few drops here and there, but that's all. I know people have a good heart and truly want to help, but to help we need to fully understand the local situation. Giving to governement will not help, exept to send rich nepales to foreign schools and buy foreign cars.Nepalese people are starting to be aware of this, and for this reason they are self organising. Best is to give donation to people we trust and who will distribute the money where it is needed, that is to families in need. Many want to send packages of clothes, but honestly, even if clothes are good, money is better spent on local level. The price to send a package would offer much more help if spent locally. The cost of sending kilos could be kilos of rice instead of shipping cost. If really you would like to offer clothes, then it's better to send money and buy locally, as it also supports the local shops, business which they will greatly need as the tourist season, the biggest income of nepal, is dead for the year.They will need to build, that is the bigest challenge now before moonsoon.So, if you want to help, please keep your cool, all is being done locallly with the help given. best is to send money to local sources on the land, and even if some big ngos do good work, they still spend a lot not for the people.

I know people want to help. In a week or so, when the hype will be over with, the real work will start for rebuilding. The emergency and medical international teams are already doing all they can, and the rest is the after mess clean up. As many on the field, we decided to do our own collection. We will be distributing in families and we will give report of how and where the money is being spent. So, if you want to help nepal, let's start donations:)

Le 30 avril 2015 Funky Buddha a écrit :

Here is first article we wrote for account on local situation.

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Le 16 mai 2015
Anjali Demarchi
Merci pour eux, merci pour vous, merci pour nous <3
Le 6 mai 2015
Jedrzej Majkowski
Le 3 mai 2015
Nanna Severiusson
My thoughts are whit you. <3
Le 2 mai 2015
Sandrine Tognarelli
Coucou Manue, Voici 50 euros pour les vivres pour les enfants de l'orphelinat. Merci beaucoup. Gros bisous. Sandrine
Le 2 mai 2015
Rachael Hammerlein
thank you for being a wittness..thank you for finding ways to let the rest of the community know what is happening as you move throughout he street..see the distraction and ways of inspire and inform