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plant a 30 billions trees.

Organizado para : Roberto Guillermo F. Gomes

We lose about 15 billion trees per year, between indiscriminate logging and forest fires. To recover the forests globally, we must aim to plant twice a year: 30 billion trees. This will allow to capture CO2 in the trunks and later to bury them to return to the 350 ppm of this greenhouse gas and return to the climatic stability world-wide. This site has been created to raise global awareness of the goal that Humanity must pursue to combat Global Warming. We are just starting our organization so that the donations are made entirely to “”.

According to the journal Nature there are 3 trillion trees on the planet. On average there are 422 trees per human being. Before the industrial age there were 6 billion trees. Now half is left.

Planting a tree costs between 30 cents to 1 dollar. So for the goal we need a Green Fund of 30 billion dollars per year. We must be aware of the urgent need for this investment in favor of life to Save the Planet, all Island Nations and coastal cities of the global flood due to the melting of both poles that is already accelerating.

Translated the Green Fund to the annual contribution per inhabitant of the Earth is equivalent to approximately US $ 4.30, and per month to US $ 0.36. With this effort we Save the Planet.


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