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Elisa heart surgery

Elisa heart surgery

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Simone’s daughter Elisa, was born in 2021 with a congenital heart problem, and she will go into surgery this week to fix it. Elisa is a beautiful and happy 7-month-old baby, that has no idea of how strong and courageous her parents are and how much they love her and are willing to do it all on her behalf.

Thankfully, Simone lives in Canada, a country that has universal health care and the surgery costs are covered by the government.

Still, the surgery will take place on another city, Simone and her husband will need to travel there and will have significant expenses to cover related to hotel and other living costs. If you can contribute, I know that this will be an important support to Simone and her family during this difficult time. Simone doesn’t know that I’m reaching out to you all for this crowdfunding. I thought that once we are done, we can gift it to her as a team. This will help alleviate their financial burden and allow them to solely focus on their baby’s recovery.

I tried to create a gofundme page for her, but neither Brazil nor Panama are in the list of countries for gofundme, no sure if this is the reason why the website didn’t allow me to create an account. I was thinking that we could set the target of USD1500, she will need to stay in a hotel for 15 to 20 days. Not sure about the hotel rates in Canada...

I thank you in advance for your support!

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