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Des Cimes et des Monts pour Siméon #MDS2020/2021

Des Cimes et des Monts pour Siméon #MDS2020/2021

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Genetic research shows in Simeon an anomaly in the ATL1 gene responsible for spastic paraplegia (SPG3), which is clinically atypical. Siméon was born in 2013, he can't walk, he can't run, he can't talk, he is great, he inspires us, he needs help, we want to support him. That's why we're going to run the Marathon des Sables 2020 for him! BREAKING NEWS MDS2020 has been cancelled and we will run the MDS2021 in April 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.You can read below more info about our project to help Simeon...Thank you very much for your support!

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