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Simba's Hip

Organised for: Simba

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Hi all, you may have seen Simba on TV last year for a total hip replacement to prevent us from losing him at the young age of 2 years old. We sold many of our household items including a car to help support the surgery financially as our insurance did not cover hips problems in Labradors. The surgery cost £17,000.


8 Months post-surgery Simba started limping and following trip to the vets, we discovered his new hip had snapped! We were absolutely devastated and astonished!  We now find ourselves having to find another £6,500 to repair the damage :(. 


Simba is the most wonderful, caring and affectionate puppy and you may have seen him around Leeds City centre some weekends joining friends for coffees and making people smile.

We are desperately finding a way to re-raise our funds to give Simba the life he deserves. Sophie & Sarah will be running the 3-mile Gung-Ho race @ Temple Newsam Leeds 13th April 10:30am - dressed as dogs!!



Thank you everyone x x x


Organised by

Sophie Craven

Kalliopi Rossi contributed £50

Constantinos Karaolis contributed £20

Jack Ferris-Weightman contributed

Calum Foskett contributed

David Walker contributed

Liam Whittaker contributed £20

Aaron Ives contributed £50

Simon Carr contributed £20

Christina Papadopoulou contributed £50

Marilena Giannoudi contributed £50

Sophie Howden contributed £20

Ross Thornton contributed £100

Steve Collins contributed £100

Joshua Shaw contributed £10

Danni Fearon contributed £15

James Cowell contributed £25

Vagelis Fanourgiakis contributed £50

Estelle Wilkinson contributed £20

Sophie Lane contributed £20

Melissa Taylor contributed £10

Neel Patel contributed £10

Verly Hulin contributed

Pete Grantham contributed

Miss Sophia Griffin contributed £5

9 April 2019
Marilena Giannoudi
Good Luck Simba! We hope you are running around in no time!
2 April 2019
Steve Collins
From all the dog lovers at CCI
22 March 2019
Pete Grantham
Good luck with raising the money. I am a dog lover and would do anything for mine regardless of the cost!
21 March 2019
Ellie Norreys