Siblings against poverty and exclusion - sponsor our 20km run!

Organised for: Les Petits Riens ASBL

This year, we will be running the 20k de Bruxelles for another amazing cause: fighting social exclusion and poverty, and helping people in difficulty to get back on their feet.




All the money we collect will be donated to Les Petits Riens, a Brussels-based social-economy enterprise that helps reinsert socially excluded people (mainly victims of homelessness, but not only) into society through work and activities aiming to reduce their feelings of isolation and helping them regain autonomy. This is achieved through a homeless shelter, a home for young people in difficulties, a service that offers medical and psychological support, help in the search for individual living accomodations and 2nd-hand shops which fund their running costs, but also employ and offer training to people in need (reinsertion through work).


For those in Brussels, you can also donate clothes and furniture - click here for more information.


If you also believe in a more just society, where all are treated with respect and dignity, then please help us help them by donating to our cause and motivate us to run the distance!





See you at the finish line on the 28th May!



Celia & Oscar



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Celia Pundel Martínez
24 May 2017
Silvio Gonzato
Well done! Enjoy the run
28 April 2017
Danielle Turkov
GO CELIA, GO OSCAR! We wish you the best and well done for your commitment to good causes xxx Dani and Cliff xxx