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ShinyPeople Live Streams

ShinyPeople Live Streams

Dear friends,


SHINY PEOPLE puts music first and aims at connecting creative people to live their true potential. Our vision is that people may SHINE by being healthy from a holistic perspective and by truly living their passion.Due to the Corona virus, a lot of events have been cancelled (and they need to be!) but we all need music and the happy feelings we get from it. The ShinyPeople live set project has the aim to keep musicians producing and playing their amazing music.Obviously, artists belong to those who suffer the most from this situation financially. Let's get something out of this situation, let's dance in our living rooms, share the love for music and spread a little bit of positivity! Donations are very much appreciated. If you mention an artist name in a message to the organizer (will be shown after the payment), the money will go 1:1 to the artist. All other amounts will be shared. Like ShinyPeople for all the live streams: https://www.facebook.com/visions.shinypeople/ For recorded sets: https://www.mixcloud.com/ShinyPeople/. Payments are safe via SofortÜberweisung, VISA, Mastercard, Giropay. For PayPal, please use visions[at]shinypeople.ch



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