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Sestiere di Venezia: people + art + washing lines in Venice

Sestiere di Venezia: people + art + washing lines in Venice

Sestiere di Venezia is a cultural project born in times of closed museums, connecting Venice citizens and the works of around 45 artists from different countries by means of private Venice washing lines - in public space. As such, instead of being just another exhibition project, Sestiere die Venezia wants to bring people, their ideas, their work and their spaces together, both virtually and in real life.

Jaq is currently living in Venice, Jana is cooperating from Switzerland. We started this project out of the pure passion for art, people, social and artistic interactions and special places to exhibit. As the project has grown very quickly, it is not possible anymore for us to cover everything with our own resources. We don't receive any public funding and don't belong to any institution, which allows us to stay flexible and act independently of any institutional power structures. With this project, we want to show that this kind of work is possible! However, it is only possible with a strong community, which is already growing.

How does it work? The artists give their works for free and cover their own expenses, the locals offer their publicly visible washing lines as exhibition hosts. The artwork can then be viewed in the streets of Venice and online. During the preparation process, artists, collaborators and interested people can follow the project and get connected via social media. Help the community grow, become a part of it and support us with whatever financial amount possible for you! Anything is very appreciated.

These are the expenses we now need to budget for:- a photographer to professionally document the exhibition,- a videographer to create a trailer of the exhibition,- backup for additional costs related to installing the artworks(unexpected expenses backup)

Of course we will grant you digital access to the documentation. We are starting a website, have a look here:

Follow us now on facebook and instagram @sestiere.di.venezia or and for more questions write to us at


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