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Serah and Yanik Wedding

Serah and Yanik Wedding

Welcome to our wedding prize pool!

This wedding prize pool has been created to gather all the blessings that you have for us. And to give us more choice and flexilbility in the gifts that we want. Feel free to contribute as much you want. we sincerely thank you in advance.


See  you at the wedding.


stay blessed


The futures married couple.


few ideas of our planned gifts.

This is a small preview of what we want to offer ourselves with your donations to our wedding prize pool.



Our honey moon

3 500 €

8 days away from reality to live our fantasy!



To not lose time cooking

Book to have

45 €

To be productive at work

Micro wave

299 €

to hot our food

Our Bed Room

739 €

it is just amazing this bed room


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