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Send Bhagawati to Nursing School - Final year

Organisé pour : Bhagawati Acharya

Hello everyone!


I am Leona from Germany and I'm raising money for Bhagawati from Nepal to go to college. When we became friends two years ago while I volunteered in Nepal, I devoted myself to her dream to become a nurse.

You can find the whole story down below.


(Bhagawati and me)


So far, we have already managed to raise enough money for her first and second year's tuition fees! In August 2016 Vinayak College of Health Science welcomed Bhagawati Acharya as a promising student of PCL Nursing/Staff Nurse. She has been doing really well since and enjoys her classes very much. You can see some pictures of her hospital duty down below.

This is the college's website for those who are interested in more information:

Nursing is a three year program and Bhagawati's last year will start in August. Afterwards she will be able to work as a nurse. I'm so proud of what she has achieved so far and I'm confident that, together, we can collect enough money so that she can stay in college for her final year and become a great nurse. Any amount brings us closer to this goal.


I am grateful for all the support I have been getting so far. Let's keep it up and keep Bhagawati in college!

If there are questions or advice, just leave a comment or send me a message. I will be happy to reply!


Lots of love!

- Leo (contact me via this website or Facebook)


(Bhagawati and her friends at surgical duty)

(Teachers' Day at Vinayak College)

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Le 3 août 2018 Leona Rodenkirchen a écrit :

We made once again! Thank you to everyone for your support!!

Le 22 avril 2018 Leona Rodenkirchen a écrit :

Bhagawati sent me these words a while ago, to be told to those people who are making her dream possible:


"Thank you to all for your prayers and good wishes to me. It gave me the strength to warmed my heart and fulfill my dreams. You guys have helped me see the potential inside me. I don't think my dreams would be fulfilled without the support and help of kind and supportive people like you all. I want to become a successful person so I can share the joys, happiness and wants to help my family and poor and needy people like you guys have helped me and support my potential.You all are my motivation inspiration toward my success in life . Not only me my parents and siblings are also really thankful to all of your kind help and support to fulfill my dreams. I wish to meet you all in future if god blessed me. All I want to say is Thanks to all the supportive and kind hearted people for making my life colourful and delightful.heart"

Le 22 avril 2018 Leona Rodenkirchen a écrit :

Since we raised more money than we needed during last year's crowdfunding campaign and since some donations have been given to me privately, we could set down our fundraising goal for this year, Bhagawati's final year, and we have almost reached the needed amount already at this point. So, let's make the final leap and make this young woman a nurse.


Thank you to everyone who has been supporting Bhagawati throughout the past two years and made it possible for her to live her dream in spite of her difficult situation.💐

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Genial, sie ist schon bald fertig ausgebildet! ❤️