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Save the jaguar and help the Matsés tribe in Amazonia !

Save the jaguar and help the Matsés tribe in Amazonia !

Save the jaguar and help the Matsés tribe in Amazonia !


Our story begins in 2018, when our founders Dennis, Hector and Guillaume set off on a 5-week expedition to one of the most remote part of the rainforest in the Reserva Nacional Matsés among the matses tribe looked relentlessly for signs of jaguars, to ultimately try to photograph it. Their quest for the magnificent jaguar will lead to a sad-but-common realisation, only a few of them left. There are probably many reasons for this but discussions in camp revealed one of them could be that they are sometimes shot by other village hunters, fearing being attacked. A reflection which led, to the creation of our association : Jaguar Matsés Connection.


Our association have two main purposes.

The first one is to save the Amazon jaguars which are threatened by the surrounding tribes who hunt them for various reasons. The objective is to protect this graceful animal which is unfortunately in the process of disappearing. To do this, we are contacting the surrounding tribes: the Matsés, in order to establish a dialogue with them and limit the hunting of jaguars. At the same time, we track down the remaining jaguars to ensure their survival.

Secondly, we take the opportunity to help these Matsés tribes who are far from any infrastructure. They are in dire need of care, medicine, materials... We also help them by providing them with these essential goods. This approach allows us to make the Matsés tribe and the jaguars live in harmony by making sure they have everything they need.

We need you to help us in this adventure !


Today we need your help to save the jaguar and help the Matsés tribe. We need sufficient resources to carry out expeditions and to have the necessary equipment to pursue our missions. The donations collected thanks to you and to this kitty would allow us to finance and realize the following missions:

  • From 1000€ collected: we will have the necessary funds to buy cameras and specific equipment to watch over the remaining jaguars in the region and save them.

  • From 2000€ collected: we will be able to provide the Matsés with more goods: medicines, equipment, comfort... in order to improve their living conditions and help them.

  • Finally, if we raise more than 3000€, we will be able to establish sustainable means of communication and meetings with the Matses and their families in order to best respond to their needs.

We count on your generosity to give life to its beautiful projects that will greatly help the preservation of the Amazonian fauna and its ancestral tribes.


To help us it's very simple, just click on the "Contribute" button on the right and you can select the amount of your donation. No matter how much you donate, every euro brings us closer to our goal and our missions.

From 3€ of donation, you can register to a lottery in which we will make you win several gifts: books, bags, chocolate, coffee... to thank you for your generosity. If you want to register to the lottery, please replace your name by your Instagram or Facebook username when you donating, in order that we could contact you after if you win something. The draw will take place live with games and animations on Thursday 6th of May at 7pm on our Facebook account and Instagram: @JaguarMatsesConnection . We count on your presence.Thank you very much for your generosity!

The Jaguar Matsés Connection team.

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