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Help Paul complete his Engineeering Programme in Biomass Valorisation

Organised for: Paul Iwunze

Hello everyone & welcome to my money pot!

The survival of humanity is really dependent on its natural resources and what it can make from it; and this 'Natural Capital', if not properly managed becomes unsustainable and a threat to the survival of humanity.


On the environment, Franklin D Roosevelt had opined that our 'Natural resources…are being converted to nominal evidences of wealth at a faster rate than our real wealth is being replenished.’


At IMT Mines Albi, students are being trained into expert research engineers, equiped with the required engineering skills and tools to design and develop systems and valorisation routes that optimize the use of our  biomass resources, while also reducing harm to the environment and creating new opportunities.


I am a beneficiary of this priceless education...and I love this prospect of creating more value out of our natural resourses without harming our beautiful environment.


One more year...and I just might become that expert!

- Developing new technologies, profering energy and environment solutions for businesses, creating green energy from 'waste' in poorer countries, training others.


Please support my course!


Thank you!

Organised by

Paul Iwunzre