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sarau maré

Organised for: Sarau Maré

"Sarau" means open mic/spoken word. "Sarau" is a Latin word ("sera nus" - late in the afternoon) through Galician "evening" (evening) possibly derived from French "soirée" and Catalan "sarau". ~ Sarau is a meeting of words with deep meanings, words that come to life through art. "Sarau" is this meeting of people that expresses itself distinctly, but in the same language.Whether through music, singing, reciting poetry or prose, reading, dancing, play, also through typical foods, paintings or any artistic and literary manifestation, this event is the gathering of people who admire the art and the particularity of each individual.


We are a group of Brazilians and Portuguese speakers who meet every month for our Sarau named:Maré."Maré" means "Tide" - is a drop that dares to break seas.  We are this drop, our desire is to navigate deep. We want to be a wave that will cross the Atlantic Ocean and bring poetry to life.How we want to do that? By publishing them!  Our plan is to print quarterly magazines with our prose and poetry, and  translate it to English. With that, we will be able to get to be know in the place we live (Dublin) with the language most spoken in the world. (English)This campaign is going to pay the service of translation and printing of the magazines, so for the next ones we will be able to keep going on our own (fingers crossed). We just need this start ! Hope we can make it in three months, so we have the perfect time to write the best poems we have to share in the first magazine.Our parents will be proud... and of course, ourselves much more :)Your help will let us dive in the deepest waves of this world. Thank you so much!Sarau Maré

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