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Nirgendwo Sylvester feiern

Organised for: Nirgendwo Sylvester feiern

We (Sebo, Adi and Wilken) are inviting you to celebrate the passing of yet another year, in style. 

Born out of the dread of having to either stand in line at clubs with an expensive ticket that MAYBE gets you in and still doesn't pay for drinks; or opt for a dinner party with only a handful of friends, we brought to life "Nirgendwo Sylvester feiern" in 2016.


We had a blast.


So, like last year, we're reloading our battle tested and much applaused approach of:

  • all inklusive, 
  • not-for-profit, 
  • open bar party, with
  • 100 bottles of Crémant,
  • the finest electronic music and
  • a magic punch for
  • friends and family.

We're buying enough Crémant, beer, shots, wine, sodas, Moscow Mule and Gin Tonic to last until morning, but feel free to bring your own drinks if you fancy something different. 



Rusky Dazed State / Animal Farm | Berlin (

Manel ClunyDazed State / Animal Farm | Berlin(

Mabu Disco | Berlin(






Nirgendwo, Helsingforser Str. 11-13,  10243 Berlin


Ticket (100 available):

50€ for an open bar, DJ's, our own club, an awesome sound system... the whole shebang. 

The price covers the cost of the party. We're not looking to make a profit.


Please contribute your 50€ BY 30 DEC to join us. 



la S.A.P.E -  'Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes' or 'Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant Persons'


WTF is S.A.P.E?

The african subculture movement "la SAPE" has its roots in the Congo and is best described by Didier Gondola (whoever that is):  “Captivated by the snobbery and refined elegance of the Coast Men’s attire, Congolese houseboys spurned their masters’ secondhand clothes and became unremitting consumers and fervent connoisseurs, spending their meager wages extravagantly to acquire the latest fashions from Paris.”


So, pay homage to the most elegant resitance fighters in history and dress to impress, S.A.P.E. style.



Sebo, Adi, Wilken


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Wilken Bruns