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Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

I am Sam!

I’m a happy dog with a nice home. I have food and toys and I get taken care of. But the most important thing is: I am very much loved! Unfortunately, many of my conspecifics and also non-conspecifics don’t have the same luck. They are alone and nobody wants them. Or maybe they have lost their owner and therefore end up in a shelter. I want to help those lost souls. As a very happy dog, I am raising money or toys to support different animal shelters in Switzerland. After long consideration, I have even decided to donate one of my toy balls J

I was inspired by a nice lady (Gerda Lewis) from Germany. With her commitment, she’s been able to help many animals. And that’s exactly what I want too! Will you help me?

For more information, follow me on Instagram: sams_helping_paw

I thank you already with a big WUFF!


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Thank you!

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