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Run the runways 2020

Run the runways 2020

Aviation action is a fantastic initiative from a group of volunteers aviation proffesionals working in support of those in our industry affected this shattering crisis.

This year, for the first time, Aviation Action ( has organised the Run the Runways event. Every single day, staff from airlines, ariports, ATC, you name it !. Furloughed, unemployed or not, from across the UK and Europe will run in their spare time the lenght of a different runway in the country or the the Old Continent. Beleive me, a runway can be long when not on an aircraft taking off or landing !.

John Franklin and I are running the longest runways in the lists (Europe or UK) from the 01 until the 31 of December (inclusive). So don't ask me what I will do to lose weight after Christmas !. So far I have done, Vienna, Sofia, Zagreb, etc.

Sponshor our quest to keep on for the second and hard part. Every Euro you give will be donated to the charity on behalf of EASA.

Aviation action provides help to those who need it in aviation through these hard times. Volunteers closely support in range of areas like mental health, wellbeing, peer (buddy/buddy) support, professional (legal, job searching support, etc) as well as organise events (like this one amongst others).

An initiative like this has no precedent before in our close knit industry and should set an example to follow in the future in the same way many times before aviation has achieved to lead the way.

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