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RuedX - the Rueda Exchange - Berlin 2020

RuedX - the Rueda Exchange - Berlin 2020

Rueda Friends, we need your help! Well we want your money!

We are a core team of five people organizing a RuedX in Berlin/Germany in June 2020.

What is RuedX?

RuedX, short for Rueda Exchange, is an event where groups from many countries (cities) are invited to a host city for a series of workshops taught by instructors from those groups. Ethan Wagner came up with that wonderful idea! RuedX weekends are a fun way to share our knowledge and passion for Rueda; to travel, dance, and make new friends; to strengthen the Rueda community in Europe and around the world; and to keep growing and evolving from traditional Rueda.

Who is RuedX for?

It is for advanced Rueda dancer! That being said, because the space is limited for about 80 participants, we invited innovative Cantantes from all over Europe with a maximum of 4 participants (including leader) to share ideas. At the RuedX Berlin we want to strengthen the lab character - that means to really work on new ideas together, try them and see what works and what doesn’t. The people we invited are multipliers who will hopefully bring the ideas back to their Rueda communities. We want to ensure that people with interesting ideas for the Rueda scene can get together to exchange no matter how much money they have. That’s why the fee is very small and just helps to cover our expanses. Nobody of us will get paid for their work around the „festival“ or the teaching.Speaking about expanses: That is where we need your help: workshop and party rooms, insurance, technical equipment, office supplies, website etc do cost after all.

What is in for you, if you help us finance the RuedX 2020 in Berlin?

You are supporting the Rueda de Casino scene! Moreover all the people who help to crowdfund our event, will be the first ones to get access to the videos that we are recording from all the workshops and labs we are doing. That way we want to share our ideas with you, even if you can not participate. There is so much we can learn from each other!

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