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reviews and more

A few tips how to write and search for good reviews

Most people before buying something or deciding on a certain service search for reviews. They can help measure the quality and reliability of the seller. That is why it is important for the reviewers to follow certain rules so that the customers could find the article useful.

Tips for the writers
Be objective

Biased review is as good as no review. Customers, while looking for the experts’ opinions, want to see a clear attitude with no upfront prejudice. The writer has to show objective features of the service with no established opinion (even if the writer has one!) so that the recipients can get a full and unbiased picture of the service. For example, take a look at this TransferWise Review, where the author not only explains the costs of the service and how to use it, but also covers BOTH positive and negative sides, quotes most common problems and more.

Present pros and cons

There are always two sides of the same coin. If you want your review to be complete, always cover both advantages and disadvantages. Remember, that the buyer can base his/her choice on your review. So if you for example didn’t show every detail in the article, they buyer will spend money for something he/she did not want.

Attach sources

Sources make your article more reliable. There are many reviews throughout the internet written by amateurs, who do not know the business they write about. So if you want your opinion to stand out from the rest, show that you know the topic - attach customers opinions, firm’s website and so on.

Tips for the customers
Always check more than one review

As much as the customers would like all reviews to be objective, that is not always the case. That is why you should always look for a few more articles, so that you can gather as much reliable information as you can.

Beware of the advertisements

You have probably seen a lot of content labeled as ‘sponsored’, ‘advertisement’ or ‘promo’. They are on your email, Instagram, Facebook and when you search for something via Google, they are usually the first links to click. They are not purely a bad thing, sometimes this actually can be a good opportunity. But, if the firm had to spend so much at marketing, what does it say about the quality of its service?

Keep digging

Never end your research right after reading the reviews. Try to confirm every infomation you found on your own pat, for example on the official website of the service.

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