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Rettet Albatross!!

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Hello everyone,


During my travels I crossed path with a really amazing and special cat: Albatros.


Albatros is a stray cat from Tioman, a beautiful island in the east coast of Malaysia. When I first met him, he was about two month old, really skinny and dirty. There was also a little monkey, who had about the same age and liked to play with the kitten, which sounds a lot cuter than it was in reality. The monkey was hurting the kitten,by pulling his tail and putting his fingers in the cats anus, so Akbatros problems eating and pooping.

After the monkey was chased away Albatross started to recover quickly. So when I left the island a couple of weeks later, the cat was in a good condition and started to explore the whole village. 


Albatros is a really special cats, unlike any other cats that I have met before. Not only does he look different, with his huge bat ears and squirrel tail but also his behaviour is extraordinary. He is really attracted to people and would follow you wherever you go! He loves attention and is willing to be cuddled by everyone he meets!


I continued my travels and a couple of weeks later I ended up volunteering in Kuala Lumpur, together with Océane and Guilliaume, who I have met on Tioman! 

They themselves had a friend, who was on Tioman to that time. Their friend Florian had found a kitten caught up in a cage and when he tried to release her he realised that the kitten was unable to move her back paws! He decided to bring the cat to the mainland immediately to bring her to a Klinik but when he arrived there all the vets had already closed for the day! He put himself and the kitten on a bus to Kuala Lumpur and contacted Océane to ask for help and we started to realise that he had not just found any kitten. It turned out that the kitten is Albatros! 


So so when they arrived in KL, we went to a veterinarian and had him checked! The doctors told us that the bones of his spine weren’t damaged, so there was a possibility that he would recover but that he was in a lot of pain.

We decided to give him a chance to fight and recover and are currently looking for a good home for him to stay! 


Because he is still staying in the animal Klinik to get better the bill is getting more expensive everyday! 

I and my friends and also Albatros would really appreciate your help. 

Every donation will help!! So thank you all in advance. 


Anna and Albatros 

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