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Refugee Solidarity Movement

Organised for: Josoor International Solidarity Movement

Help End the Suffering on our Borders!

The pictures of the injustice and suffering on Europe's borders were too much for us to watch. United by our desire to do something to help the thousands of people abused as pawns in this political game, we decided to join forces and take action.


We sent a first team (Eva Schade, Lorenz Böttcher and Natalie Gruber) on the ground to Edirne to assess the situation and decide on whether to call for the others to join. Unfortunately, we soon realised that a large scale civil response is not possible and thus decided to focus on sharing as much information as possible from the border in the hopes of getting the European governments to finally end this horror.


Eva and Lorenz continue to support the refugees as much as possible - as long as police tolerates it - in cooperation with local individuals. That help consists mostly of purchasing products like plastic sheets, underwear, socks, medicine, food and water to distribute it to refugees.


The rest of us is now focusing on raising funds to enable the purchase of more supplies and sharing the information from our contacts on the ground (our own team, other volunteers, journalists, and, most importantly, refugees themselves).


Even though we all work voluntarily, we still rely on your financial support.Purchasing and distributing hundreds of plastic sheets and blankets, tons of medicine, foot, hygiene products and whatever else is needed the most every day costs money. As long as the situation is the same as now (you can read more about it on our Blog: ), we will continue. If not, and not all the funds have been used by then, we prepared for the following scenarios:


  • Should Turkey clear the area, we would relocate to Istanbul or other parts of Turkey - wherever the refugees will be at afterwards.


  • Should the Turkish police - who has been harrassing us frequently - make it impossible for us to continue, we will hand over the donations to our local Turkish friend and colleague who will still be able to continue long after we are not anymore. 
  • Should (against all odds) the situation suddenly improve severely within Turkey, we will hand over the funds to trustworthy partners on the Greek islands.

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