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Red Ants youth football team In Southern Belize

Organised for: Joanna Audinett

This passionate, talented and enthusiastic group of 18 boys need assistance buying their football team a proper strip. Right now they play skins versus tshirts but as they are moving forward and being entered into a local league they will need a kit of their own! Some kids dont have sports shoes and play barefoot, others have a battered old pair of pegs.. but whatever they have they play with a smile on their face and a passion in their heart! These boys would beam with pride having their own team kit and would feel valued, professional and like real winners! We are based in Punta Gorda, Southern Belize, a gorgeous multicultural community . Families are large and life can be hard.... we need to embrace our youth, keep them occupied and give them something to focus on! Lets encourage these youths and give them an opportunity to shine... Mr Chuck, the team coach, has been coaching young kids for over 15 years and is a real positive influence in these boys lives. Help us to help them everyone & welcome to this money pot!

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Organised by

Joanna Audinett