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Hello Everyone

I have created this pot to support a friend in Goma, DRC.

On the night of 13th/04, his house got caught on fire, leaving him and his brothers homeless. He is currently living with a host family, (his neighbors) until he can find a stable income to build a new home.

I have been knowing this guy for over four years now, I met him when I was living in Goma in 2018. He used to sell credit on the street(under an umbrella) to top-up mobiles phone(Airtel). I liked him straight away because weather conditions never affected his mood he was always bright and happy. I started talking more and more with him to realize he has been an orphan for a while and with another orphan, they decided to become brothers and get through life in an honorable manner. He managed to get an education paid for with his random income and help from an uncle living in America. Last September, he graduated from University and has been on the look for a job as a junior accountant since.

This event is so unfortunate! When he informed me I obviously felt saddened because I know how emotionally hard the latest month has been for him (his hopes of finding a job are literally at the lowest) and this extra stroke is almost testing his boundaries. But Bienvenu is such a positive soul! He is going to make it and I am 100% convinced...

With your help, he can rebuild a home!

Can you please help me support his basic needs for survival? (shelter, clothing, food, sleep, safety, and clean water). Any little will help.

Thank you so much in advance for your time, consideration, and participation.



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