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Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Hi everyone. My names Sandrina, 18 years old and i’m a painter and decorator from london.

I’m currently working as a school care taker, which involves a lot of moving and lifting. 


When i was younger i had a huge dream to be in a womans football team but I unfortunately got injured during a match when i was 10. I got hit with metal caps and it caused me to stay hospitalised for a few weeks. Now its led to more problems with my knees as my movibility started lacking a lot.  


Ive been informed by the St Thomas Hospital (london), that its required to get a knee replacement so it prevents from further injuries. Unfortunately it could take up to years to be able to get a knee replacement with NHS so i was recommended an emergency knee replacement which costs around £11,000. 


Any donations will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much.


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Silva Sandrina


Sandrina Silva