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RadicalGirlsss Autumn Raffle

RadicalGirlsss Autumn Raffle

Dear sisters, welcome to the RG money pot!


We are the RadicalGirlsss, the Young Women's Movement of the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW).

Why Radical? We aim to get to the roots of the problems, reach out at grassroots level and raise the urgency for a feminist revolution, while honoring our foremothers, those witches they couldn’t burn. Radical Girlsss is a safe space for young migrant women who are working towards creating a feminist world. Our priority is to advocate collectively on the European, national and local levels for women’s dignity and rights. This includes participating in conferences, workshops and actions with the purpose of creating systemic change for the liberation of women and girls based on our values.

RadicalGirlsss is abolitionist of any form of sexual exploitation, secular, migrant-women led.

RG Raffle

In order to fund our different abolitionist projects we have decided to launch a feminist raffle during the month of November! Tickets are sold at 1€ each, and the prize for the winner will consist of a copy of Gail Dine’s “Pornland”, one of Bec Wonder’s radical feminist illustrations, as well as a Radical Girlsss T-shirt and tote-bag.

The draw will be held publicly and live on the 30th of November at 18 CET in RadicalGirlsss Instagram account (@radicalgirlsss).

Send us a screenshot (or any other proof) of your contribution in leetchi (this platform) and we'll assign you a raffle number for each euro you donate!

Stay tuned for updates! Sisterhood is global, sisterhood is powerful.

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