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R.V needed to live in for Transplant Patient.

R.V needed to live in for Transplant Patient.

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

I have been given a very short time to live unless, I get a liver transplant.

I am Rochelle,

some of you know me quite well, some of you will not know me personally, If you know me, you know I absolutely love people from all backgrounds and cultures.

My trusting nature has not changed even though I've been through some nightmares because I was helping a friend. I never let that define me or how I treat people. I have taken care of people my whole life, I absolutely loved it.

Your probably wondering why I am not asking for your liver? Well I figured you would be more willing if you could to spare a dollar or two instead of your organ or a piece of it unless you can get checked if your a match? (Lol)

Please help me if you cannot contribute or donate. Share this within your network?

Please help me with anything you can every little bit counts.

Agape ❤️. I love you all for your help.

Your friend, my family, spiritual sister and brothers,

Rochelle Menke

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Thank you!

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