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Welcome to KEDGE Bdx ! laugh


We offer a subscription that will give you many advantages all year long.


It's only 20€ and we guarantee it'll be worth it !



1- Benefit from our pick up service!! (we will pick you up from the airport or the train station when you arrive in Bordeaux.)


2- Benefit from discounts with all of our partners such as a wine cellar, a hair-dresser, or a delicious burger restaurant! (And much more... wink


3- Benefit from reduced prices on all of our events such as the long waited Spring Break! Day trip at Saint-Emilion and Dune du pilat, cultural events and last but not least : Parties ! 


Each advantage the subscription gives you is worth it by itself so don’t hesitate ! You won't regret it and it really helps us making your stay as enjoyable as possible !



See You Soon ! 

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David Armengol
Le 24 août 2017
Hoang Linh Nguyen
Le 8 août 2017
Josh Powers
Hello David, I was hoping that Melting Pottes would also be able to help me find accommodation. I am very open to any type of housing and would appreciate any advice or help you may be able to offer. My email is