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Malamu micro agribusiness

Malamu micro agribusiness

Presentation of the Oran-go micro-agro-industry (Orange juice for all).


An innovative transformation of the traditional non-hygienic sales activity, inefficient and inexpensive and from a tedious company to a hygienic company. High volume, efficient, less tedious and value-added. The traditional traditional orange retail business focused only on hand-peeled oranges in very unhygienic conditions, while the oran-go micro-agro-industry offers value to consumers through the production of Fresh orange juice in the bottle is produced and sold locally.




This product will transform the value chain of fruit in many Third World countries, especially in Benin (Benin is one of the largest fruit producers in Africa And the 9 th in the world), created thousands of entrepreneurs and sustainable jobs and reduced losses due to the waste of fruit along the value chain. You can find more information on our website:

Genesis of the idea.


We have invented mobile fruit juice production and retail push trolley, a unique feature of this invention is the ability to produce fresh orange juice in the bottle without the use of electrical energy. This innovative invention has been Developed in a micro-agro-industry called Malamu Oran-go.Our highly sustainable micro-agro-industry, which will transform the end of the value chain of orange fruits, create wealth, create thousands of jobs, promote local production juice and increase demand along Value chain of fruits in Benin and Africa. Malamu Oran-go is developed for the production and retail of fruit juices with a very visible and attractive trademark of Oran-go, (Orange on the road) .The Oran-go Malamu stroller trolley is based on "mobile fruit juice production and crawler trolley" This innovative, patented concept is designed to completely transform the retail segment of the orange fruit value chain Benin and Africa. The Oran-go micro-agribusiness offers an average net profit margin of around 50% and an annual investment return of over 350%.


Technical support


The collection will finance the main expenses are:


-Hardware (, Hand Extractors ...): 1000 - $

-Material and furniture (Carts): $ 500- $

-For packaging and packaging (Packaging Bottle, ice cream and other utensils: 250

- $- Raw materials (fruits, ice bread): 250 - $


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