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Shoes for Ethiopia!

Organisé pour : Nikki Johnstone


S H O E S  -  F O R  -  E T H I O P I A

- Do you have too many running shoes at home ?

- Is your home full of running shoes you do not wear any more ?

- Looking for somewhere or someone to give them to ?




The runners of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia are desperate for running shoes to allow them to train and help them make a better life for themselves !


With our "used" running shoes, athletes - both Male and Female - currently wear running shoes which are covered in holes and are falling to pieces !


Please remember, what we see as "worn out" shoes is probably far from the truth ! An Ethiopian runner will still be able to wear these shoes for many more months !


In July this year, 46 kg of shoes will be transported off to Addis Ababa and given personally to the runners !


Your donations of running shoes make these people very, very happy !


Supporting this project with a small money donation is also greatly appreciated, so that these shoes can reach their destination ! Every small donation helps to cover the € 300 Euro costs of oversized baggage at the airport !


Thank you very, very much for your donations !

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Nikki Johnstone

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Le 22 janvier 2018
Michael Semmler
Spende überwiesen.. Gruß Michael
Le 25 octobre 2017
weiterhin viel Erfolg. Gute Sache!
Le 30 mai 2017
Iron Aki
Top-Aktion Nikki!
Le 30 mai 2017
Caesar Draser
Good job Nikki.
Le 29 mai 2017
Super Aktion! Tolle Idee!