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Fund-raising for an English Translation of two Antinatalist Books

Organised for: Théophile de Giraud and Karim Akerma

Two important great books about antinatalism have already been released, but, unless you speak French or German, you might never get to read them. The good news is that you can help out this fundraiser to get them translated into English, so these two books can be read by an international audience, as they deserve. 


We’re launching this fundraiser in hope that antinatalists see the value in getting these two books translated. Any amount of money, even small amounts, are welcome to help us to get to the fundraiser goal. If you don’t have much financial resources, you can also help by spreading the word about this fundraiser to anyone you think might be interested. 


The fundraiser goal is 10.000 euros, which is roughly about 11000 dollars. All money will go into hiring someone to translate the book. If the fundraiser doesn’t reach its full goal, any given money will still go into translating as much as possible. 


You can read more about the two books in the description below.  


The Art of Guillotining Procreators : an Anti-natalist Manifesto (L’ART DE GUILLOTINER LES PROCRÉATEURS : MANIFESTE ANTI-NATALISTE) 

Released: 2006 

By Théophile de Giraud


«Published in 2006 (same year as Benatar's famous «Better Never to Have Been») and written in French, this book is one of the few to be entirely dedicated to antinatalism, developed as a system. Spiced with black humour, it methodically dismantles most of the classical pronatalist arguments and shows the vices hidden behind the supposed virtues of bringing a child into the world. Its chapters cover subjects as the right to sue one’s parents in justice if one feels uncomfortable about having been born ; mandatory parenting classes in schools to prevent child abuse, mistreatment or neglect ; strike of the wombs as a political way of action ; and feminism as the key to overcome the phallocratic fertility obsession. Ecologically concerned, it adresses the overpopulation problem, pleading for a non-violent reduction of global human population to 100 millions of people. On the whole, this essay tries to demonstrate that having children is incompatible with ethics, and that adoption is the only moral way to build a family. This book also contains many antinatalist thoughts from various reknown authors throughout the ages and countries, so constituting an anthology of quotes against procreation.»


Review, summary and short extracts here from Francois Tremblay’s blog «The Prime Directive»


Theophiles book is currently out of print in french, but can be bought used on Amazon


«ANTINATALISM. A Manual.» (German title: Antinatalismus. Ein Handbuch, 736 pages).

Released: 2017 

By Karim Akerma


This book on ANTINATALISM is designed as a manual from A-Z. It pursues the ethical purpose of making readers willing to procreate change their mind. Readers already critical towards procreation will be corroborated in their antinatalist attitude. In order to propagate non-propagation the book presents a series of new reflections and neologisms on antinatalism. At the same time the manual makes use of a wealth of arguments and statements on natality from thousands of years. Even though some of these arguments and statements may belong, as it were, only to the outskirts of antinatalism, they are still proof of the fact that man – as a cultural being – has always been able to take a critical stance against the bio-social radical of procreation. In as much as it advocates universal antinatalism the book also takes into account other sentient beings, thus claiming: It is almost always better not to act in such a way that a sentient being begins to exist. This is where humanistic antinatalism and ethical vegetarianism meet. 


While the original German edition comprises some 735 pages the English translation is set to present a condensed version of about 250 pages. The English edition will focus on systematic elaboration of the subject matter rather than on historical exemplification.


The german edition can be bought here

Karim Akermas Website

Karim Akermas Antinatalism Blog


Other info

1 EURO = 1.1 US dollar.


Currency converter between USD and EU


If you give 10 euro or more you’ll also get a PDF of the book.  


Looking for translators 

We are already looking for TWO TRANSLATORS (native English-speakers would be a plus), one from French to English and one (or two) from German to English : if you know good candidates, or feel able do it yourself, we are interested to hear from you. Mail:


Collected out of €5,500
39 Days left
46 Contributions

Organised by

Andreas Moss

Anonymous contributed

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Louis Burke contributed €100

Karim Akerma contributed €100

Anonymous contributed €5

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Soren Lund contributed €9

Ronny Reinli contributed €110

Kai Sharp contributed €10

Akie Herai contributed €10

Ronny Reinli contributed €200

Anonymous contributed

Ronny Reinli contributed

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Ronny Reinli contributed

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Francesco D'Agostino contributed €5

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Timothy Oseckas contributed €36

Italo Romeno contributed €50

Anonymous contributed €120

Ronny Reinli contributed

2 June 2018
Karim Akerma
Thank you everybody for your generous support!
17 April 2018
Soren Lund
All I can afford right now. Hope to see this happen.
26 November 2017
Ronny Reinli
Great initiative!
25 November 2017
John Kalvall
Keep up the good work! Will be pitching in more when I can, let's make this happen and make sure there are many more AN translations to come in the future!
28 September 2017
Andersen Sven Schizo-rationaliste
Ca me change des cadeaux offerts aux collègues repeuplant inutilement la planète.
21 September 2017
Timothy Oseckas
Can we add a fundraiser for Zapffe's Om Det Tragiske Andreas?
6 September 2017
Catherine Talleu
"L'art de guillotiner les procréateurs" is amongst my favorite books, and I'm looking forward to reading the german one. I am delighted to contribute to these translations, thanks for this excellent idea !
17 August 2017
A noncondensed translation of Karim Akerma's book would be very nice.
4 August 2017
Greg McGurk
I would contribute to translating untranslated Zappfe as well. Please send updates on progress.