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Please help rebuild Seaside Stables Anguilla

Organisé pour : Seaside Stables Anguilla

Welcome to this money pot !

On September 6th Hurricane Irma battered the island of Anguilla and destroyed our stables.  99% of any of our structures have been flattened.  We need to rebuild everything from scratch and unfortunately have to rely on everyone's generosity in order to get back on our feet again and rebuild something which has taken over 20 years to establish.


if anyone can donate even a small amount we can rebuild stables/ shelters/paddock fencing/ restore a fresh water system, and fix back the tack room to store feed and hay and of course most importantly we need to be able feed them through these challenging times.


If anyone would prefer to donate feed we have an ongoing feed drive at Sunset Feed and Supply in Miami FL.


Thanks to everyone from Biscuit, Mario, Indie, Paco, Zouk, Tango and Prince.


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Tonia Richardson
Le 14 octobre 2017
julia southan
Hi Tonia, good luck with everything. luv julia
Le 11 octobre 2017
Kathy Ford
I make this donation in honor of my dear friend, Mary Scollin, as we celebrate her birthday. It was her request that we help out the horses and Seaside Stables. I hope this helps a little bit. Kathy
Le 6 octobre 2017
Paige Lieske
Thinking of all of the horses at Seaside Stables - Much love from Eden and Gabriella Lieske
Le 3 octobre 2017
Nancy Wilson
We never made it to you since our resort is still closed. We've rebooked for August 2018 and will be making reservations with you then!
Le 3 octobre 2017
Danny McAlinden
Best wishes and I hope things improve rapidly for you. We hope to see you in May.
Le 29 septembre 2017
Michael Murphy
As a horse owner myself I'm happy to help in any way I can. Good luck.
Le 23 septembre 2017
Marina Izzy Liza & Mike Caputo
Marina Izzy Liza and Mike send our love to you, your family and the horses!
Le 22 septembre 2017
Laure Herbaux
Hi Tonia, wish it will help you a bit, you've been so nice and you do so much for your lovely horses, good luck for the reconstruction, hope to visit you soon! Take care
Le 17 septembre 2017
Jeff Dolan
Tonia, Pat and I are so sorry for what has happened to you, your beautiful stables and all of the Caribbean. I wish we were able to help even more. Best of luck to you my friend.
Le 16 septembre 2017
I know it's not much but wish you the best in rebuilding. Is there any thing as far as food that can help?