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Fairness for Fierce

Fairness for Fierce

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Hello it’s Sacha, and I live in West Dulwich at the moment. Those of you who know me well will also know that for nearly ten years now I have been fighting to keep the home I share with my son.  In January I face eviction and pennilessness because a loan shark wants my home. Ten years ago I was persuaded to help someone by paying off their debt.


The debt is to a loan shark, Insol Funding Company; I agreed to settle this debt via ‘Mediation’ on the basis that it would be the end of years of stress and legal fees. I have been trying to settle with Insol for many years, in 2008 they refused to accept £160K which would have netted them close to £40K in profit in under a year.  They were too greedy; they have always wanted my home.


 Somehow through lack of advice, lack of funds and unfair competition, I am now facing another serious court battle. The mediation was a trap. My opponent is represented by one of the biggest firms of solicitors PLC in the UK. I cannot afford representation.  I am asking you for help, by loaning me or donating anything you can afford to help me pay for a barrister.  If you can't afford anything I understand, but please share my story maybe someone will help me tell it and prevent this kind of injustice happening to others.  I will hopefully be able to repay the favour someday. Thank you for all the support I have received from friends and family, but now in desperation, I need to do this.  As my friend Kate will attest, even The Master overseeing the case said it was one of the most unfair cases he had heard in his court.   Even the Court of Appeal ruled that I was not responsible for the debt back in 2016. Yet the loan sharks continue to trade, indeed one of its operation directors, the man brining the case has been Director of 18 different companies according to Companies House.    Their website claims they have the expertise and financial acumen to help people prevent the loss of their homes and business. Their business is loaning money to bankrupts. (Not me in this case).   That is not representative of my dealings with them, they are litigious and greedy and have bullied and harassed me for nearly 10 years.  With clever legal manipulation from an escheat of lawyers they have overcome a litigant in person with scant representation; it looks like they may have won.  But I will not go down without a fight.


For 10 years while I have paid the mortgage, the interest on their debt has increased to eye watering proportions. They have watched and waited while London house prices have risen, now they are ready to pounce leaving me with nothing.  The legal term for this is subrogation; I have another word for it not publishable here.  Please please help me tell my story and find me fairness and justice.


Share my story asks for more information… the court cases are in the public domain.  I have until January 2017 to find a way out.

Thank you so very much. xxx


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