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Help us get to Tranoï Fashion Trade Show for Paris Fashion Week

Help us get to Tranoï Fashion Trade Show for Paris Fashion Week

NOTE: We've received some messages from people saying they can't get the website to work and can't contribute. This might be due to donations over 50 or 100€ (it would depend on your bank) where the bank may think it's suspicious activity and block it. If you'd like to contribute another way, let me know at .


Our fundraising project

Riachi Studio is a new independent fashion brand located in Paris, started by Natalie Riachi and Matt Scheurich in 2016.


For the last 8 months we've been working hard on our new knitwear womenswear collection, designing and producing samples and work we're really proud of. Thankfully, we've been accepted to the Tranoï: March Edition Women's trade show which is running during Paris Fashion Week from 2–5 March 2018.



The trade show is an important step for our brand as it gives us access and exposure to the world's network of fashion buyers, from large department stores to small independent multi-brand boutiques, all looking for compelling designers and products to sell.


We were accepted late, are cash-strapped and are now scrambling to find the funds to ensure we can show at Tranoï to build our professional network and get our business off the ground.


The total cost of the 10,000€ we're trying to fundraise for breaks down as:

— 8040€ to show at Tranoï (incl. 20% VAT/TVA because we are currently not registered to deduct VAT/TVA)

— 300€ booth decoration and setup

— 450€ to register as a business

— 210€ to register business trademark

— 66€ for business consultant fees (we're still looking for an accountant and don't have any costs for that yet)

— 209€ for printing costs

— 1480€ to produce the cashmere samples

— 1170€ to photograph and produce the lookbook


... which comes to a grand estimated total of 11,925€


About Riachi Studio

We're unlike most other traditional knitwear brands seen in Scotland and France. We're fearless in our approach to the edge and appeal to the woman who knows she wants to make a bold statement as well as feel comfortable.


Our manufacture is located in the heartland of the Scottish knitwear industry and we use 100% pure cashmere, which is also dyed and spun in Scotland. We pride ourselves on supporting a local industry of experts, using the finest materials combined with respectful production techniques that enhances its longevity.



Why Scotland?

Aside from being Natalie's birthplace, Scotland has been the home of the modern day cashmere knitting manufacture industry for the last 150 years. In more recent years though, cheaper off-shore labour and mills have diminished the size and output of the Scottish industry, but it still leads the world (along with Italy) as being one of the best places for high quality knitwear production.


Brands like Barrie (now owned by Chanel), Pringle of Scotland and Johnston's of Elgin continue to inspire customers around the world to flock to the innovation, quality and prestige of Scottish knitwear design and manufacture.



The Autumn Winter 2018 Collection

Our Autumn/Winter womenswear capsule collection is made entirely of cashmere and represents a conscious intention to produce well-made garments with minimum waste that will last a lifetime as well as make a statement. Quality, style and comfort are paramount to our core ethos.



Using bold colours, daring designs and contemporary details like oversized sleeves, long rollnecks and intarsia techniques to translate abstract designs into wearable pieces of art, the cashmere surrounds and supports the confident woman, keeping her warm and allowing her to make a strong fashion statement.




Why we’re fundraising

These trade shows don't come cheap: we need to raise 10,000€ for the entrance fees and other costs involved in the stand's equipment, setup and marketing collateral (printing and producing lookbook, order book, business cards, etc.) needed to interface with potential buyers to secure orders.


We have developed samples that we want to show in person, we now just need the space and resources to show them to fashion buyers. Tranoï is one of the biggest and best fashion trade shows in the world, so it's a golden opportunity that we've been accepted.


While we're not new to the fashion industry (Natalie worked in various couture ateliers in Paris since 2008 and Matt has worked in fashion advertising, marketing and e-commerce), we are a new unknown brand with a very small network and no current market exposure to speak of. This knitwear collection will be our first commercial offering to prospective buyers and so far we've had a great response from other fashion industry professionals who've advised us.


We've witnessed the fashion industry change from one that values original designs and quality construction to a fast-paced copy-cat trend-driven race. We hope by having a strong opinionated design voice, high production standards, and supporting a local industry of artisans and experts that we can resonate with conscious consumers who value quality.


We want to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry that values humans, animals and the environment by not over-producing and by reducing waste through a specialised manufacturing process, as well as educating consumers on how to take care of their cashmere, to extend its wearable life and to be handed down through generations of fashion lovers.

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