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Support me by giving my pictures a value <3

Organisé pour : Katharina Bauer

Dear family, friends and everyone, that loves me

I started this crowdfunding to be able to continue my heartfelt projects, that you all know I like to work on. Especially over the last years. 

Especially working on my phototherapeutic concept, that has been my bachelor thesis.

is a project about depression it shows the diversity of depression and the different colours and shades depression has. The first 7 books are made. I would love to be able to print them in a small edition.




In the Cocoon was my first project in this way It involved Susanne in the process and gave her a voice, about her condition and her copingmachanism. 


I don't want you to just give me money. Most of you have been photographed by me, or will be photographed, so I will do everything in my powers (transfer highres, hugs or a massage) to give an equal exchange for your support.


So if you see a picture of mine that you really like. Send me the copy of the lowres and a copy of the confirmation and I will as soon as I have an internet connection get back to you.


Let's see how much we can alltoghter collect. 

Maybe I supported you I anyway already than feel free to send me a lovley message with it telling me why I deserve your support ;.-)


Why a collectionbox online?

Because I'm travelling a lot and it is easier for me and you this way instead of writting to everyone seperate. Even tough I still like to be in touch with all of you. 


Thank you so much for the help. I definately, highly appriechate it.






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Le 27 octobre 2016
Andreas Jakubik
My beloved soul sista, with this magic talent to keep magic moments in pictures...I am so happy, to be the first to support you! May other and even next generation of AcroYogis following this spirit of supporting each other...