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Support me by giving my pictures a value <3

Support me by giving my pictures a value <3

Dear family, friends and everyone, that loves me

I started this crowdfunding to be able to continue my heartfelt projects, that you all know I like to work on. Especially over the last years. 

Especially working on my phototherapeutic concept, that has been my bachelor thesis.

is a project about depression it shows the diversity of depression and the different colours and shades depression has. The first 7 books are made. I would love to be able to print them in a small edition.




In the Cocoon was my first project in this way It involved Susanne in the process and gave her a voice, about her condition and her copingmachanism. 


I don't want you to just give me money. Most of you have been photographed by me, or will be photographed, so I will do everything in my powers (transfer highres, hugs or a massage) to give an equal exchange for your support.


So if you see a picture of mine that you really like. Send me the copy of the lowres and a copy of the confirmation and I will as soon as I have an internet connection get back to you.


Let's see how much we can alltoghter collect. 

Maybe I supported you I anyway already than feel free to send me a lovley message with it telling me why I deserve your support ;.-)


Why a collectionbox online?

Because I'm travelling a lot and it is easier for me and you this way instead of writting to everyone seperate. Even tough I still like to be in touch with all of you. 


Thank you so much for the help. I definately, highly appriechate it.






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