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Project HOPE

Organised for: Hope Children Foundation

HOPE - Helping Other People Excel!

Today we bring together over 100 children from the outskirt villages of Kampala to provide them with the basics of life; education, shelter, food, clothing and health care. With a few dedicated staff members, volunteers and donations we are able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for some of Kampala's most vulnerable youth. By donating today you can help provide the material and equipment needed to enrich our children's lives.


While we provide a loving family environment we are lacking basic essentials for our facilities. Below is a just a few of the many items our building needs:


3 Doors - €230

9 Windows - €650

Concrete Flooring - €250

Wall Plastering - €90


Our donation platform will be ongoing and once we have provided our facilities with these basic needs we hope to expand our schools and to assist as many children as possible.


We at Hope, and our children THANK YOU!!!

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