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Printing industry research

Printing industry research

Hello everyone & welcome to the printing industry research money pot!

After many correspondence with academics from around the world between 2016 to 2018 on a proposed working title for my PhD "A design in context model for non-formally trained graphic designers", I finally landed in Switzerland from Ghana to read a PhD in Social Anthropology within the Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities programme Studies in the Arts SINTA. My study which has been sponsored by the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship programme since its beginning on September 1, 2018 comes to an end by August 31, 2021. Now, here I stand at the crossroads humbly requesting for your generous support to help me fund the fourth year of my PhD programme. The revised title of my thesis is "An ethnographic study of graphic designers in Ghana". My study examines graphic designers from an informal apprenticeship training background who started as a newcomer and then rose to become a skilled worker, and finally became a master designer. Through this study, some real-world problems of the participants are about to be addressed towards the establishment of a thriving print production association in Ghana. Thank you very much for your generous donation towards a worthy cause.

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