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Hello All,

My problem today is that after 10 years of research and 1 200 000 €, I stumble on a problem of last financing and last parts to manufacture for the assembly of a complete model of demonstration .. What is very urgent because On the one hand, a certain number of industrial groups, institutions will decide their budget orientations between November 15th and 30th. For example, the Swiss Foundation for Climate is the 23rd.On the other hand, COP 24 in Katowice will take place from 3 to 14 December My goal is to ask the Nobel Committee of Physics for a meeting to present the engine and get the recognition of the technology before the end of November By making a 3-stage engine as planned we will be able to demonstrate that we will be able to:to cover all the powers from a few KW to several MGW, by varying the diameter and height of the motor and the dimensions of the magnets.To ensure the autonomy of houses, buildings, factories and cities without going through large production centers and networks of THT, so to solve the problem of clean energy and global warming in much shorter times than those envisaged in order to avoid a global catastrophe.To make autonomous at least the boats and the trains, if we can not get enough powers in volumes small enough to be used by trucks and cars. By being able to publicize the recognition of technology by the Nobel Committee for Physics during COP 24 we guarantee ourselves protection and ability to deal with multiple contracts in the very short term as well as a stepping stone for the opening of negotiations, or media echoes - if necessary - for several years. I therefore rely heavily on you to solve this problem last funding and parts manufacturing. the illustration is a motor element a magnetic gear without any friction.You can contact me for any information on 33 608 26 89 72 or . THANK YOU !

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Patrick Haguenauer