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Dear All,


Hi my name is Jonathan Campbell. My project is called positiverole19 you can also follow me @positiverole19 on instagram and on facebook, just search positiverole19. I am 38 years old and yes, almost 40. Please do not mention!! Very fragile! Lol!


I have a four children my oldest being 14 years old last year he was robbed at knife point. While feeling angry I felt an urge to want to have been able to help the boy who decided to rob my son. What can i do to prevent this happening to someone else child or someone else period. I have had extensive experience working in schools across London as a pastoral care coordinator. Pastoral care is a role that evolves working on a one to one basis with children who have behavioural problems and cant conform in a class setting.

This was a very challenging role but fully rewarding as was able to help children who did not have any positive male role models in life to guide or listen to them.


When children are not listened too or loved they tend to cling to anyone and everyone good or bad but mainly the latter. Gangs. They will glamourise the childs life offering money, drugs, or alcohol, these children who usually grow up in poor working class environments grab this horrible opportunity with both hands  which then leads to knives guns and robberies.


Positiverole19 is a project I am trying to launch all over the UK starting from nursery schools all the way up to latter life into college, I strongly believe that if we tackle and identify the problem from now we all can benefit from the youth having a brighter future going into their adolescence. The fact we are breeding a society of killers and it needs to stop now!! My plan is to work alongside teachers and social workers targeting the families who struggle financially and have children who constantly act out physically or emotionally, I will work as a one to one mentor to each child. Eventually recruiting a strong team with an identical ethos and plan. The goal is to give them an education that has a group of positive role models offering guidance, knowledge, and education about these streets, showing them that there IS another way. A positive way. But getting into these schools is the key, the motto is BREAK THE CHAIN! We must break the chain of a society built on the ideals that gang life is a way of life. I want to travel to schools providing informative assemblies daily, talking to families who are struggling with their children and giving them solutions to their problems.


I am asking for funding to rent out halls all over London and in the UK  to provide a platform for positiverole19 to deliver talks to families and mainly young children from as young as 6 to 19 years of age. Let's tackle this from a young age before it cannot be unlearned. I am a single father and struggle to travel everyday because of costs to each school across London and the UK as you can imagine costs are pretty steep. I also need help with paying for advertising for outreach. Ideally I need halls to host talks and youth clubs for school holidays. A place where the youth can come and talk. I am planning to organise trips that will engage their minds and keep them off the streets. I am a very proud man. But for this amazing project I need help from our community financially this is a universal problem but it begins here with Positiverole19. 


Let's save our youth.






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