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Please Help Me Publish My Book "Found".

Organised for: Austin MaCauley Publishers c/o Adam Johns

Hi Guys,

  Thank you for getting this far. 

    I am currently looking to publish my first book "Found". I have a publisher who is very keen called Austin Macauley, however as an unpublished author they are asking that I contribute to the initial expense of production and they will pay the other two thirds needed to get it in to print.


The story so far..

 Craig arrives on a desert island having been in a plane accident and he must now survive, later he meets Jay and a love blossoms.


 If you would like to read the first chapter or two before committing to any donation, please contact me directly and I will be happy to send them to you.


 I hope you can support me as I start on a journey that will finally get me recognised artistically and get me started on the new path I am eager to follow with more works already in the pipeline and as an acknowledgement I will mention you all in my Thank you's when the book is released (Unless of course you wish to remain anonymous).


 I need to raise £1900.00

   This is no easy feat, but I will be contributing to the pot via ebay and carboot sales and any other means I can as I do not expect you to support me without making an effort myself. in truth I do not expect you to donate, but I would appreciate it more than you could know.


 Thanks to you all in advance and feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns you have.


Organised by

Adam Johns

Philip Moir contributed £1

Princess Eleanor (Via eBay) contributed £4.49

Big Sis (Via eBay) contributed £2.03

Princess Eleanor (Via eBay) contributed £0.79

Carolyne Clark (Via eBay) contributed £14.76

Carboot Crew (Mother, Big Sis, Eleanor, Callum, Isaac, Uncles Keith, David & Mark, Aunties Hillary & Wendy, Philip, Neil, Mimon, Stuart, Parker, Hels Bells, Snelly, Pippa, Catherine, Shelly, Vicky P, De, Jo B, Julia G, Sarah M, Carolyne, Judith, contributed £115

Splash Man up contributed £60

Vicky P, De W & Philip (Via eBay) contributed £4.50

Princess Eleanor contributed £1

Philip Moir (Via eBay) contributed £0.79

Neil Clements (Via eBay) contributed £1.69

Callum (SpongeBob) Hannaford-Hill (Via eBay) contributed £8.71

Vicky Pellant (Via eBay) contributed £2.76

Philip & Neil (Via eBay) contributed £1.77

The Carboot Crew (Aunties Wendy & Hillary, Uncles Mark, David and Keith, Big Sis, Niece and Nephews, Mother, Carolyne, Judith, Vicky P, Julia G, Sarah M, Jo B/L, Shelly, Mimon, Philip, Neil, Stuart, Dr Parker, Snelly, Pippa, and Catherine) contributed £85

Vicky Pellant contributed £2

Lil Pip contributed £0.70

Vicky Pellant contributed £4.70

Adam Johns contributed £0.67

Neil Clements contributed £5.53

Lil Pip contributed £4.97

The Carboot Crew (Uncle Keith, Aunty Hillary, Uncle David, Aunty Wendy, Uncle Mark, Big Sis, Eleanor, Callum, Isaac, Carolyne, Judith, Vicky, Sarah, Julia, De, Button, Shelly, Dr Parker, Stuart Bear, Lil Pip, Neil, Mimon, Catherine, Pippa & Snelly) contributed £85

Neil Clements contributed £6.87

Isaac contributed £0.79

2 April 2019
Sean Caunter
When you’re as famous as J K Rowling....can we still have a coffee?
29 March 2019
Claire Gilby
Looking forward to reading your published book!!!! Xxx
23 March 2019
Harriett Latham Perring
Good luck!
19 March 2019
Chris Bunker
Good luck Adam
18 March 2019
Jessica Miners
Good luck Ads! I’m sure you’ll get there ... Does that mean we’ll be the first names mentioned?? 😬 Jess and Alix Xxx