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A helping hand for the homeless

Organised for: Emily Hunt

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!


I have decided to create this pot to help the homeless and in need people with work with who are facing poverty and disadvantage on a daily basis. The money will be put DIRECTLY towards the people who need it most.

i will buy things like cheap phones so they can be contacted about interviews for accommodation and benefits, I will buy socks, warm coats from charity shops, hot food,  cup of tea, possibly put the money towards ID cards or birth cirtificates. ANYTHING that will enable someone to take a step forward out of the darkness of their current situation.

too often I find there are so many barriers for some people to begin to make a change, something so simple as a 9.97 birth cirtificate can enable that person to prove who they are in order to gain employment or to make a claim for benefits - in turn helping them towards the cost of living and getting a better life!!

i will mostly be using this for my direct work purposes but if anyone I know or knows of anyone in need of something simple THIS is what this money will be for.

any amount will be so helpful and I will post updates of what has been brought :)


thanks all ✌🏼❤️




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Thank you!

Organised by

Emily hunt