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Peter Hofschröer & Barbara Hofschröer ('Grandma B')

Peter Hofschröer & Barbara Hofschröer ('Grandma B')

Even if you cannot support this appeal financially, please share it with all who might be able to.


Listen to Brian Gerrish and Alex Thomson present the Hofschröer case in full at:


A version of that discussion with presentation of some images is at:



Update of 17 May 2018:


Thanks to the continuing fantastic generosity of donors, the full amount of €3,600 has now also been raised to settle the bill of Dr Klaus Burtscher, a court psychiatrist who wrote a full refutation of Prof. Manfred Walzl's sectioning order which placed Peter Hofschröer in the Sigmund-Freud-Klinikum in Graz.


Dr. Burtscher writes that Walzl cited erroneous literature and repeatedly went well beyond his professional limits in asserting that Peter represented a danger to society, and that the court order to section him is therefore unsound.


Peter's lawyer (whose full bill donors have now paid) has submitted this as part of his appeal to the court to have Peter released.


Funds continue to be necessary for:


(a) any possible additional expenses incurred as the court case goes on;

(b) hiring an English barrister to contest York Social Services' ongoing kidnap of Barbara Hofschröer ('Grandma B').


Thank you again, especially on Peter's behalf. We call him on his ward telephone number as often as we can, and he remains in good spirits and profoundly grateful for all your efforts for him "and thereby for tens of thousands of other victims of psychiatric abuses", as he rightly puts it.



Update of 10 May 2018:


The whole of Peter's lawyer's fees (EUR 12,000 or GBP 10,600) have now been collected thanks to your fantastic generosity. The request has just been submitted to to transfer this sum directly to the lawyer's Viennese bank account.


Funds are still needed:


Several thousand pounds to secure a good barrister to challenge, in the English courts, York Social Services' continuing kidnap of Barbara Hofschröer (Grandma B). Although no legal counsel has yet been identified for Barbara's case, the publicity of this appeal has already pressured York Social Services and the Sigmund-Freud-Klinikum in Graz, Austria, into allowing mother and son to have regular and unmolested phone calls from the captivity of their respective 'care' facilities, after years of Barbara's having been held incommunicado or with a social worker breathing down the phone line.



Original appeal text follows:


Peter Hofschröer is incarcerated for life in a psychiatric facility in Graz, Austria, without ever having been examined by a mental health professional in that country. He has had his British house robbed from him, is facing the prospect of having his Austrian home stolen too, and when his case began to be raised pointedly in the House of Lords, he was fitted up with ludicrous and ever-changing accusations of possessing child pornography, the details of which accusations have never been forthcoming.


In fact, the only mental health examination that Peter has ever had has been by Dr Elizabeth Gethins in Derby, who concluded, "I can find no evidence to suggest that Mr Hofschröer is suffering from a mental illness."


Peter's crime seems to be knowing too much about paedophile-enabling networks in the public authorities in and around the city of York. His persecutors have followed him effortlessly across the borders of three European countries.


Peter has been repeatedly let down by English lawyers, has no access to money, and now requests your funding to enable him to engage one of the finest and most conscientious advocates in Austria who is able to take on this case, through to the end of a court challenge of Peter's patently unlawful mental health sectioning, for €11,000 (about USD 13,500 or just under £10,000 sterling).


Secondly, he requests funding for a legal challenge of the secret Court of Protection's obvious failures to do the job they were set up to do by protecting the interests of his mother Barbara (who is still alive and being held almost incommunicado in the "care" of York social services). Barbara was kidnapped at gunpoint, with liberal use of pepper spray, by a joint team of North Rhine-Westphalia police and British military police, acting outside their jurisdiction, in May 2014 and was hauled back to York.


This was despite both Barbara and Peter holding official Persecuted Persons status in Germany as a result of the authorities there having accepted that criminal networks in public office in both Britain and Austria were out to get them. When Peter contacted England's Court of Protection about the kidnap of his mother, they slammed the phone down on him.


For this reason, the fundraising target is £20,000 sterling to enable both these legal challenges. Private prosecutions, or actions using cheap or free non-lawyers, are not possible at all in the Austrian court system and are effectively ruled out in this case in England, since it was Peter's bringing of a private prosecution at York in December 2014 which prompted him to be arrested on bogus child pornography charges and extradited to Austria to be declared mad without being examined.


A penetrating overview of the case by UK Column is given below (the page contains a link to a podcast on many details of the abuses perpetrated against Barbara and Peter Hofschröer).


UK Column News will continue to promote the case and Robert and Barbara's desperate need for legal assistance to have any hope of getting out of this "dark heart of the deep state".


Any would-be donor who wants to be telephoned by Peter (which is fortunately still possible from his psychiatric ward) or e-mailed by UK Column's Europe correspondent Alex Thomson to check that this is a genuine case can do so by contacting Andy Peacher on 01847 539317 or using the 'Contact Alex Thomson' option at (select under 'Category' in the contact form to contact Alex Thomson).

Write-up of the case by UK Column:


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