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Personal loans -

Personal loans -

At Rescousse-Credit we offer the best conditions to make your wishes come true.

You receive private loans between 3,000 and 500,000 CAD at low interest rates starting at 2%. These are offered to you at flexible terms of 6 to 360 months which allow you to adapt your monthly payment to your needs in an optimal way. There is also no charge for processing your request. In order to be able to take out a loan, you must be of legal age and have good creditworthiness. If you meet these conditions, you can benefit from a private loan under exceptional conditions. You can also take advantage of currently low interest rates and better loan terms despite outstanding loans. By taking out a new loan on more favorable terms you can buy back expensive outstanding loans, leases and credit cards. So you benefit from a reduction in rates, pay only one lower monthly payment and in addition save money.


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Personal loans -