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Partners in Endurance

Organisé pour : Morgane Tizon & Gaëlle Chouteau

Hi Everyone,


Who are we?

Gaëlle and Morgane 


What is the Dalmatie Trophy?

The Raid Dalmatie Trophy, it's 3 days of sporting events, gathering only female duos, unfold in Croatia. 

The organiser, Raid Feminin, supports the charity "Vivre comme avant" which commits to help women affected by breast cancer. 

Each team has the possibility to choose and compete for one charity which they hold dear. 

At the end of the Raid, a classification will be established to award these charities. 


Why are we doing this raid?

Sadly we all have women affected by the breast cancer in our environment. 

During these 3 days of sporting events, we will have to give the best of ourselves and to exceed our limits to honor these incredible women who fight everyday against the disease. 


Which association?

In addition to support the association "Vivre comme Avant", we will represent the association "Les P'Tits Doudous d'Aliénor". The purpose of this association is to improve the experience of children who require surgical treatment in the Hospital of Le Mans (France).


6500 euros?

That is the amount of what we do expect to finance our participation to the Raid for both of us. 

We count on your help, if by chance we manage to achieve more money, the surplus will be redistributed to the association Les P'Tits Doudous d'Aliénor.


In conclusion, the Raid is not simply a sporting travel for us. It also symbolizes these women who are fighting against the illness. 

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