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Participation in Jean-Pictet Competition 2020

Participation in Jean-Pictet Competition 2020



We are the students of International University «MITSO», Minsk, Belarus. We are planning to participate in 2020 Jean-Pictet Competition (Denpasar, Indonesia) on International Humanitarian Law (IHL). 


It is obligatory for participants to pay registration fee of €1250 and we need to buy three airline tickets from Minsk to Denpasar and back (€800 per round-trip ticket). But unfortunately we have no possibilities to pay it on our own, and our University cannot help us. However we do sincerely believe, that Jean-Pictet Competition is a very important contest for many reasons and we are striving for taking part in it. We are going to become specialists in the sphere of IHL in future and this competition is a perfect opportunity to examine our knowledge, to prepare us for our career and to exchange ideas with highly esteemed professionals in the field, such as judges, academics.


There are too much of violations of human rights, international principles, and norms; wars and crimes against humanity, victims of war and refuges in our world.

We only wish that we may change such situations. We want to be useful as legal practitioners in the sphere of international law and to have the possibility to influence the global events. We consider Jean-Pictet Competition as a very important step for these aims.

Peaceful future depends on us and your help.


Furthermore, to participate in 2020 Jean-Pictet Competition is our common dream and goal, moreover, it is the last chance for our team to take part in such a great competition, wherethrough we are the senior students of Bachelor degree.


Any sum of money will be really helpful, small streams make big rivers :)


Thank you in advance for helping us to make our dream come true!

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Hodin Artur


Students of International University «MITSO»